• 2022 #12 update
    Hello everyone! Welcome to the final update of 2022! This month included a trip to Denmark, a visit to Plastix, and a review of our financials. The highlight of […]
  • 2022 #11 update
    Hi everyone welcome to a new plastic scanner update! This is already number 11, November has now come and gone already. This month we have some cool hardware developments, […]
  • 2022 #10 update
    Hey everyone, In this blog, I would like to share a little summary of the month of October with you. October was a month full of presenting and starting […]
  • 2022 #09 update
    Hi Plastic Scanner family, Here is already our 9th update from our side, the September update! in the last update, you could see us looking for help, and this […]
  • 2022 #08 update
    Hi Plastic Scanner friends, We are devoting €10.000 euros for open source work on the Plastic Scanner €5.000 Job offer for optics development dig into the details of near-infrared […]
  • 2022 #07 update
    Hi Plastic Scanner friends,This month has been all about holidays! So traveling, exploring, and relaxing. But I did make something small for you:An interview with Dave Hakkens (the guy who started Precious […]
  • 2022 #06 update
    Hi Plastic Scanner friends, This month, our group of students presented the “Plastic Scanner 2.0” – a concept and a prototype for the future, commercial version of the scanner. […]
  • 2022 #05 update
    Hello! It’s time for another Plastic Scanner update, a project where we build a device for identifying the most common types of plastic, making sorting and recycling simpler! In […]
  • 2022 #04 update
    Hi, welcome to a new Plastic Scanner update With the Plastic Scanner project, we are developing a device that can identify the most common types of plastic, making sorting […]
  • 2022 #03 update
    Hello world, This update marks the third update of 2022 which, as scary as it might sound, already completes 25% of 2022! But don’t be scared, because we just […]
  • 2022 #02 update
    Hi everyone, In the last month, we worked on the documentation website, which covers the technical aspects of the project and is now available at The goal is […]