• 🌞Summer
    Hello, plastic scanner enthusiasts! We’re happy to bring you another exciting update on the progress of the Plastic Scanner project. If you’re new here, the Plastic Scanner is an […]
  • DB2.2
    Welcome to the latest update on the Plastic Scanner project! Our team has been hard at work creating a device that can identify the most common types of plastic. […]
  • PS plot
    Hello, lovely people! It’s great to be back with another exciting update on the Plastic Scanner project. As you may know, we’re creating a device that can easily identify […]
  • Endeavor update
    By now, you all know what the Plastic Scanner project is about. But what truly makes this project exceptional is the community that has formed around it. As mentioned […]
  • Endeavors
    Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time. However, through the development of the Plastic Scanner project, we want to provide tools to fight plastic pollution. The Plastic Scanner is an open-source initiative aimed […]
  • 2022 #12 update
    Hello everyone! Welcome to the final update of 2022! This month included a trip to Denmark, a visit to Plastix, and a review of our financials. The highlight of […]
  • 2022 #11 update
    Hi everyone welcome to a new plastic scanner update! This is already number 11, November has now come and gone already. This month we have some cool hardware developments, […]
  • 2022 #10 update
    Hey everyone, In this blog, I would like to share a little summary of the month of October with you. October was a month full of presenting and starting […]
  • 2022 #09 update
    Hi Plastic Scanner family, Here is already our 9th update from our side, the September update! in the last update, you could see us looking for help, and this […]
  • 2022 #08 update
    Hi Plastic Scanner friends, We are devoting €10.000 euros for open source work on the Plastic Scanner €5.000 Job offer for optics development dig into the details of near-infrared […]
  • 2022 #07 update
    Hi Plastic Scanner friends,This month has been all about holidays! So traveling, exploring, and relaxing. But I did make something small for you:An interview with Dave Hakkens (the guy who started Precious […]
  • 2022 #06 update
    Hi Plastic Scanner friends, This month, our group of students presented the “Plastic Scanner 2.0” – a concept and a prototype for the future, commercial version of the scanner. […]
  • 2022 #05 update
    Hello! It’s time for another Plastic Scanner update, a project where we build a device for identifying the most common types of plastic, making sorting and recycling simpler! In […]
  • 2022 #04 update
    Hi, welcome to a new Plastic Scanner update With the Plastic Scanner project, we are developing a device that can identify the most common types of plastic, making sorting […]
  • 2022 #03 update
    Hello world, This update marks the third update of 2022 which, as scary as it might sound, already completes 25% of 2022! But don’t be scared, because we just […]
  • 2022 #02 update
    Hi everyone, In the last month, we worked on the documentation website, which covers the technical aspects of the project and is now available at The goal is […]
  • 2022 #01 update
    We made a plan for this year!🎉 The plan deserved its own place in the menu bar up there👆, and you can find it here! we also made a […]
  • Appreciation
    By now many people have helped bring this project to live, whether it is by donating money, contacting experts or by physically help building prototypes. I really appreciate the […]
  • An SPI_debug
    A small change for the hardware, a big relief for the software development 🙌 Breakout board development We’re working on the breakout board, which is the sensory part of […]
  • Ante Up
    My diploma is signed, so the project is now over? I don’t think so! I like to see my graduation project as a first solid step. It proved the […]
  • Apex
    After 120 days of full focus the time was there: A final presentation to conclude my masters studies. The last days leading up to the presentation were completely covered […]
  • Almost there
    In the previous post, you could read that I was well on my way to making an actual handheld plastic scanner. But the more I started to talk with […]
  • Action.
    Okay people, I have been talking long enough now, let’s get our feet in the plastic and start working on a solution! In a previous post I talked about […]
  • Around the world.
    The plastic that ends on the streets is easily fixed, at least, here in the Netherlands. There are many trashcans in public spaces (somehow always one to little) and […]
  • An Explanation.
    A simple device that can separate plastics that look and feel the same, I owe you an explanation; The technology to identify plastic is near-infrared spectroscopy. Spectroscopy is the study […]
  • An Open Call for Developers.
    👩‍💻 To all Geeks, Nerds, and Techies, we need your help! To make the world slightly more sustainable, I am building an open-source scanner that can identify the five […]
  • A plastic perspective.
    Background information about plastic, it’s origins and its consequences
  • An Introduction.
    Background on the goal of the project