After 120 days of full focus the time was there: A final presentation to conclude my masters studies.

The last days leading up to the presentation were completely covered with to-do’s to put the cherry on top of this project.

This made it possible that on the 25th of February I could present the complete project at the IDE arena of my university.

In the video down here👇 you can see the result, a 45-minute presentation with all the in’s and out’s of the project. While only my supervisor could be in the presentation room due to corona measures, it gave birth to the possibility of friends and family joining a live stream! This way over 40 people joined the presentation and made room for a wide variety of questions at the end.

Yes, for the sharp eye you are correct, I did my final presentation on my favourite socks😉🧦

I was surprised to see how quickly my supervisors could come to a conclusion, cause within minutes after my presentation I was awarded a 9 (out of 10!) for my project.

A big thank you is in place for everyone who helped out with the project, especially JC Diehl, Jo van Engelen, Armin Straller and all the people who gave feedback, were up for an interview or helped out in any other way.

Currently, you can read the outcome of the graduation project on the landing page of the Plastic Scanner project, and the thesis itself here. The launch of this project is just the first step in achieving the objective, In the coming year I will continue on improving the plastic scanner and its documentation, cause the best thing yet: the project is a fully open-source hardware project!

If you are interested in pushing the project forward, get in contact with me, and let’s see how we can make Plastic Scanner Part II happen!

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