2022 #12 update

Hello everyone! Welcome to the final update of 2022! This month included a trip to Denmark, a visit to Plastix, and a review of our financials.

The highlight of the month was definitely our visit to Gustav and Markus in Copenhagen. It was great to see their workspace and learn about the projects they are working on. We were also treated to some amazing Danish hospitality.

While video chatting with our Danish counterparts had been useful, it was great to see firsthand the engineering and debugging efforts that go into developing the sensor board.

Before traveling to Denmark, Markus and Gustav arranged a meeting with Plastix, a company located on the west side of Denmark that specializes in recycling fishing nets and ropes. They were among the first to tackle the challenge of recycling these difficult materials and have since gained a reputation as a leader in the field. They are also the primary partner of The Ocean Cleanup.

During our visit to Plastix, we gained a better understanding of the challenges involved in recycling ropes, which are often made from multiple types of plastic and can become tangled during transport. The company currently relies on a single Thermo Fisher MicroPhazir, which can be complex to use and leaves room for improvement.

As this is the final update of the year, we wanted to provide an update on our financials as well. In total, we spent €19,000

  • €5,000 going towards team compensation
  • €4,000 for tools and equipment
  • €3,000 for materials
  • €2,000 for rent
  • €2,000 for taxes
  • €1,000 for travel
  • €1,000 for other expenses
  • €1,000 for Jerry’s compensation.

Thank you all for following the project and watching it evolve over time. We will be revealing our plans for 2023 at the end of the month!

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