This project aims to develop a simple handheld scanner that can detect five different types of plastic. Get involved so we will be share build instructions online as soon as possible, so that also you can make one!

The Plastic Scanner project started as a graduation project by Jerry de Vos. It applied the technology developed by Armin Straller which is described in this paper. The final result of Armin’s paper was the ReReMeter Project, this is shared under a GPL 3.0 license therefore this project is also under the GPL 3.0 license. After graduation, Jure Vidmar has been helping out on the embedded systems! From February 2022 till July 2022, 5 master students from the IDE faculty researched the options beyond a DIY open source version.

Plastic Scanner heroes

Jerry de Vos
Leading development
Armin Straller
Technology founder
Jure Vidmar
Embedded Ninja

Students: JustΔ— MotuzaitΔ—, Jeppe Piersma, Dawn Verkerk, Gigi Bouman, Markus Glavind

Helpers: Peter, Pranav, Lin, Bart, Hendrik (PP berlin), Loki, Joost

This project is brought to life with the financial help of:

TU DelftJames Dyson FoundationPCBWayFastFundStudents4Sustainability – Jan Fabian – Margriet – Nylou – Jegor – Manon – Annemiek – Hylke – Friedrich – Menno – Nora – Fam. van de Kamp – Fam. Oost – Max – Stella – Astrid & Bernard