This project aims to develop a simple handheld scanner that can detect five different types of plastic. Get involved so we will be able to share build instructions online as soon as possible, so that also you can make one!

The Plastic Scanner project started as a graduation project by Jerry de Vos. It applied the technology developed by Armin Straller which is described in this paper. The hardware is based on the ReReMeter.

This project is shared under the following licenses:

Plastic Scanner Team

People working on the Plastic Scanner project now

Jerry de Vos

Leading development

personal page

Lawrence Kincheloe

Electrical Engineer

personal page

Hendrik Motza

Data Analysis

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Plastic Scanner Contributors

People who have worked on the Plastic Scanner project in the past

Queena Rijke

Spectroscopy expert

personal page

Markus Glavind

Embodiment expert

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Gustav Brandt Gregersen

Embodiment expert

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Joost Scheffer

Physics + Python

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Armin Straller

Technology founder

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Lin Boynton

Field Evaluation

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First replicator

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Peter Kaim

research describer

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Dawn Verkerk

Embodiment expert

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Jure Vidmar

Embedded expert

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Financial Support

This project is brought to life with the financial help of:

TU DelftJames Dyson FoundationPCBWayFastFundStudents4Sustainability – Jan Fabian – Margriet – Nylou – Jegor – Manon – Annemiek – Hylke – Friedrich – Menno – Nora – Fam. van de Kamp – Fam. Oost – Max – Stella – Astrid & Bernard