2022 #04 update

Hi, welcome to a new Plastic Scanner update

With the Plastic Scanner project, we are developing a device that can identify the most common types of plastic, making sorting and recycling simpler!

This is just a quick update to show you how the project is progressing, April was crazy full of plastic recycling!

  • Jure has been crushing all possible software and firmware improvements. He actually made a graphical user interface, so you can see the measurement points and it draws up a spectrum plot.
  • In the meantime, Jerry spend most of the month in Nepal helping to set up a plastic recycling workspace with the Sagarmatha Next project, which is set up to clean the mount Everest surroundings of plastics. Currently, the only option for waste in the Himalayas is open burning.
  • Pranav from Shanghai is among the first ones to replicate the Plastic Scanner development board 2.1, which is absolutely amazing, this gives us valuable insight about replication and measurement consistency.
  • Last but not least we are also partnering with Biosphere Solar for a collaborative workspace! let me show you a bit of the place
    That is it for this time! Hope you liked the update, and check it out again next month!

Greetz, the Plastic Scanner team ✌️

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