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By now, you all know what the Plastic Scanner project is about. But what truly makes this project exceptional is the community that has formed around it.

As mentioned in the latest update video, the Plastic Scanner team has been working on a series of endeavors, which are specific projects that people can work on for a short period of time. And the best part? It’s actually working! The community has really taken on these endeavors, with people like Peter analyzing the optimal distance between the sensor and the sample, and Queena, who just started as an intern and is already taking on all of the endeavors with spectroscopy.

Moreover, Hendrick and Avi have joined the project and are working on the data side, exploring ways of doing machine learning to improve the Plastic Scanner’s capabilities. And I have been personally working on overhauling the PS plot software, It works, but there is a lot or room for improvement, so even this now has its own endeavor, for those who know more about python and QT to help speed up the process.

But perhaps the most impressive endeavor of all is the work of Marcus and Gustav, who have been working on the Plastic Scanner project for the last six months, doing their master’s thesis on the product realization of the Plastic Scanner. They just handed in their 120-page long thesis, which contains a wealth of useful resources on how to get the Plastic Scanner production ready. Their work covers everything from injection molding to water tightness to PCB layout and how it is mounted in the product itself.

All of these different people coming together and working on various endeavors make the Plastic Scanner project a true community affair. It’s amazing to see so many individuals contributing their skills and knowledge to make the project a reality. And this is just the beginning!

So if you’re interested in joining the Plastic Scanner project and contributing your skills to this amazing initiative, head on over to the Plastic Scanner website and get involved. Thank you so much for following along, and don’t forget to stay tuned for more updates!

Yours, Jerry ✌️

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I have a company called Matium that is providing software to plastics recyclers. I found your company and very interested in partnering/assisting. Please let me know when you have time to chat.

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