2022 #08 update

Hi Plastic Scanner friends,

We are devoting €10.000 euros for open source work on the Plastic Scanner

€5.000 Job offer for optics development

dig into the details of near-infrared spectroscopy, make different experimental setups and help the project make scientifically supporting design choices. The goal is to improve the quality of the plastic scanner from a physics perspective, by doing pragmatic experiments!

Tasks to work on:

  • Calculate the optimal shape of the sensor cavity
  • Determine the added value of each infrared LED
  • Find ideal backing material
  • Calculate the best amplification of the InGaAs sensor

€5.000 job offer for data processing

Nerd out on the data coming from the Plastic Scanner, currently we can make nice 3D scatter plots to see the clustering of different plastic types. But it would be much cooler if a computer could do the interpretation for us, and give a number on the current quality of the setup!

Tasks to work on:

  • Extract data from the microcontroller in an optimal way
  • Preprocess data
  • Analyze known samples and determine which properties of the measurement define the type of plastic the best.
  • Develop a machine learning model that uses the input of known plastic samples and makes a guess for new unknown samples.
  • Generate a datasheet on the performance of the model, and define metrics to measure the performance.

We have an awesome workspace in Delft to build prototypes, make experimental setups, test samples, and have your creativity set free.

Timeframe for this job offer is September 2022 to December 2022.

Requirement: willing to work open source

If this excites you, read a few more details here, make sure to join the Discord server, and send me an email with the things you want to work on together with some details about yourself.

Greetz, Jerry✌️

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