Future Plans.

Welcome to our future plans for the Plastic Scanner project. We are excited to continue our progress from last year and make even more advancements in our understanding and application of infrared spectroscopy!

Last year

At the beginning of last year, our understanding of infrared light was limited, and we had no open source development board or clear vision of how the device should look like. But with the help of our dedicated team and the support of many individuals and organizations, we were able to make significant progress on all fronts. We developed a better understanding of infrared light and its applications, created an open source development board, and started to envision the embodiment of the device.

this year

This year, we have some exciting plans that will take us even closer to our goal. We will continue to optimize the shape of the sensor cavity, use machine learning models, implement a continuous documentation system, and integrate all of the individual parts. With these plans in place, we are confident that we will be able to make a real step forward to the Plastic Scanner as a commodity and in the fight against plastic pollution. Here is a bit more detail about the different plans:

Picture by VanBerlo

Open endeavors

Get involved in the development of the Plastic Scanner, created for and by makers. We’re searching for problem-solvers with diverse backgrounds and skill sets who are willing to contribute their skills to address societal issues. With a focus on improving spectroscopy, writing coding, and continuous integration, we aim to create a practical and effective solution. Be a part of the progress and join us in making a difference.

Last year, in 2022 we already completed some quite cool endeavors, you can see them here:

Are you ready to join the Plastic Scanner team? and be the next to complete another endeavor? Drop us an email with some information about yourself and which of the previously mentioned endeavors you want to work on.


In order to place the endeavors in the greater scheme of things, we have specific milestones we want to reach. We want to achieve these milestones sequentially, this makes it a plan, not a planning. We do not make any promises about when these milestones will be reached, it needs to stay fun for us to develop.

TypeDescriptionForm FactorCertaintyRecommend replicating
Proof of conceptCan distinguish PET from other plasticsComputer connected80% SureNo
Minimal Viable ProductCan determine 4 types of plastic from each otherComputer connected80% SureYes
Decent Plastic ScannerCan determine 4 types of plastic in a portable mannerHandheld80% SureNo
Great Plastic ScannerIs easy to replicate and can determine more than 4 types of plasticHandheld90% SureYes


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