Hello, plastic scanner enthusiasts! We’re happy to bring you another exciting update on the progress of the Plastic Scanner project. If you’re new here, the Plastic Scanner is an open-source initiative aimed at simplifying plastic identification, making it accessible to everyone. Let’s dive into the latest developments!

Development Board Update

Last month, we introduced the development board 2.2. We’re excited to share that it has successfully passed most of the tests, bringing us closer to our goal. This development board utilizes ICs that are readily available, ensuring that you can easily acquire them. While the measurements may not be as precise as the previous board, we believe it is the best solution for now. Our focus is on delivering a practical and replicable device to the community.

Applied physics Insights

Queena, one of our dedicated members, has been hard at work finishing her applied physics thesis. In the next weeks, she will finish her report and defend her thesis. The full thesis will be added to the research page, but here is her most interesting insight: Looking at the spectrum of the 1720nm LED and the 1650nm LED they overlap significantly, and at this end, you can also notice a significant drop of the InGaAs detector, this makes it more favorable to only use one of the two LEDs to save cost in the final product.

Community research

We are proud of the collaborative nature of our community. It’s awe-inspiring to witness the dedication and expertise of our members as they contribute to the development and enhancement of the Plastic Scanner project. for example, Dylan’s comprehensive study on the analog frontend has yielded good results, adding another layer of knowledge to our growing body of research.

To ensure that the valuable outcomes of our research efforts are accessible to all, we’ve compiled them into a comprehensive research page. This not only showcases the quality of our community but also serves as a valuable resource for those interested in diving deeper into the project.

Summer break

After 18 months of tireless dedication, I will be taking a well-deserved holiday. But fear not, I’ll be returning in September, recharged and full of energy, ready to bring you more exciting updates on the Plastic Scanner project. Your support and involvement have been invaluable, and I cannot thank you enough for being a part of this incredible journey.

Continuing Progress

We want to assure you that even if there is a temporary hiatus in our update videos, it doesn’t mean progress has come to a halt. Our community remains active and vibrant, continuously building and developing the Plastic Scanner project. So, if you notice a brief pause in our video updates, rest assured that the plastic scanner community is still actively working behind the scenes.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Plastic Scanner project as we continue our mission to simplify plastic identification and make it accessible to all. Together, we’re making a significant impact. Greetings to each and every one of you!

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